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Alright so this is my first post, so I figured that I would just give a little background here.  I’m 21, in my third year of college, and HOPEFULLY i graduate next year (because i go to a cal-state and  cancelled classes have got me TRIPPIN’ yo).  For some reason, I just always seem to be busy, and I thought about doing a blog to just kind of get stuff off my chest.  I’m pretty opinionated (duh, I’m blogging) and I’m thinking a blog would be a healthier outlet for my rants and raves than my friends, who probably get sick of it, and hopefully will be entertaining to you guys here.  So this is just something that I’ll try to do daily, although committment is not one of my strong points (but that’s mostly because i have a memory comparable to Dory from Nemo–but not when it comes to the ladies, ladies). 

Other stuff about me that’s not really entertaining, but worth knowing, is that I’m Christian (an educated, informed one, and NO, the fact that I’m Christian does not make me uneducated or uninformed, but that presumption does make you an ignoramus), I’m single, I’m not sure what nationality I really am, because I’m a European racial conglomerate, and I am a pizza delivery driver at a lil ol’ place called Red Devil Pizzeria.


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