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Know what I love about having friends?!  The fact that they always got you and never ever let you down and are always there for you.  RIGHT?!?!


So I have this friend, we’ll call him #@&$!    So #@&$! and I were supposed to be meet up today when I got off work, because we’re going to Europe for 6 weeks this summer with one other friend.  BUT we haven’t finished our calculations concerning our cash monies, and I kinda think its important (maybe its just me) to figure out WTF we need to have in our pockets when we get to another freakin’ continent.  I’m kinda  guy that doesn’t get to Vegas and THEN find out the hotel costs that much money, and be like, “Oh, drinks cost how much??”  And then in order to get home you have to play guitar next to some smelly bum, or resort to handing out hooker cards in a brightly colored shirt making that frickin snap noise with the cards(you know what I’m talking about).  But no, #@&$! wants to have fun, maybe do a lil drinky-drink, smoke a doobie (dooby? idk i dont smoke), and just have a gooood time, maaan.

silly me.  I must be some crazy-nazi-stick-up-my-butt-over-thinker that needs to calm down.  WAIT. Why don’t I just do what I do with all of my group projects in school, like how i do EVERY freakin powerpoint myself, and re-do all of that crap-you-call-an-essay so I don’t end up getting screwed.  Yeah.  That sounds good.


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