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So I feel kinda bad today.

My eyes have caused me to sin.


I didn’t mean to!  So there I was, just minding my own business, en route to Chipotle (not because its delicious, but because I’m an environmentalist), and I’m walking.  Btw, who frickin walks in LA? Answer-  Environmentalists and people trying to save money, and if you’re an environmentalist on a  budget I can’t imagine your life.  So I’m walking on the sidewalk, and who should come my way?  A lovely-faced indie-hipster girl on a 10-Speed (I’m assuming 10-speed, cuz it was a speed bike).  Why does it matter that she’s indie-hipster?  Of what import is it that she’s on a 10-speed?  Just wait a minute, and I’ll get it; just know that I, like any talented writer, do not put in superfluous bits of information in stories (like my mom, whose stories have more tangents than high school algebra homework) unless they need to be there.  The reason that indie-hipster is important is because they wear stuff like this:

and the reason that the 10 speed is important, is because they make you sit like this:

I’m pretty sure you can put those two together and imagine the consequences.  Another fun fact about indie-hipster girls, is that they are quite often skinny (cuz they’re vegan, vegetarian, or anorexic), so apparently that gives them the A-OK to not wear bras (or they have those built-in bras maybe?), and this girl, bless her heart, literally showed every person that happened to have their head up a free titty show.  …and I didn’t even have any singles .


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