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I’d like to consider myself a feminist.  Now, whether you think that I’m just a subverted patriarchal hegemon that seeks to employ feminism as a mere facade in order to pacify womyn into thinking their voices are heard, is up to you.  Now I know what you’re thinking, ” Whoa, whoa, whoa, Christopher, you just a used a couple words that I had to google, but won’t ever admit I had to look them up, and you totally spelled WOMEN wrong!”  haha.  Aw, you’re too cute, reader.   Too dog-gone cute.  Now that you’ve had a chance to look up hegemon, and possibly subvert or facade (because you “never really thought about how it was spelled before”), I suggest you take the time to google “womyn.”  Do you see that first result, on wikipedia?  Go ahead and read it.  Because it will explain for you just why feminists use the spelling “womyn (or sometimes wimmin or womon, but those just look weird to me)” because “woman” or “women” are too reminiscent of the patriarchy that has denigrated, and put a “glass ceiling” on, all females.

notice the slit on the skirt ^that reaches just below the buttocks

(that’s probably counter-productive to feminism, when you relegate women only to the role of a sex object..but how else do you expect womyn to break through that glass ceiling?)

So ANYWAYS.  I wrote a paper for my organizational communication class, “Feminist Theory in Organizational Communication (JEEZ I make good titles).”  I finished the paper, and was doin’ a lil’ bit of proof-reading, that academic scholar that I am, and you know what I noticed?!  Woman. Dognabit.   It said woman and women everywhere!!!  How could I write an essay on feminist theory and be so patriarchal in my spelling?!  So I pressed Control-F and searched out every single patriarchal word in there and replaced it with womyn, because I care. “Well,” I thought, “aren’t I clever.  How applicable this word is, in a feminist paper to be turned in to my female professor.”  And I got a big smile on my face, completely smug in my wit.  And I could not have been more sure of an A on a paper.

Today, I got that paper back.  I flipped towards the back, where the grade is, and to my surprise I saw a lot of marks, all OVER my paper.  What was marked upon?  Every single stinkin’ womyn.  Then I got to the grade, and I had a B!  (once more for emphatic articulation)…B!  =’O   and her comment?  “I can’t believe you don’t know how to spell woman!  You should have proofread, this could have been a good paper.”



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