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I’m not a racist.

I promise.

But I do acknowledge that there are obviously some racist or prejudiced white peeps out there.  BUT that doesn’t mean every freakin middle or upper class white guy is gonna be racist.  Come on now.  So if YOU happen to be a minority, just remember that next time you feel like those anglo-eyes are judging you where you stand.  You ever think they might just be looking?  Now don’t get me wrong, ethnics, I’m not belittling you or mocking you.   I’m just saying, that sometimes some of you get a little caught up in the idea that whitey is comin’ down on you that you don’t even stop to consider the fact that I MIGHT NOT BE RACIST, and you might just be projecting.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “…This guy is so racist.”  UMM but I promised just up there ^ that I’m not…so…

Now I’ll provide a real-life illustration for any of you doubters out there.  I’m driving to my house, and as I’m passing by a truck, I happened to do a little looky-loo at the driver (don’t act like you don’t look at either!  we just can’t help it sometimes!), and the other guy looked at me too, at the same time.  Now, this individual happened to be a black, and as soon as he realized I was looking at him he started honking at me, and I saw him raising his arms in a wft-do-you-want-sucka?! fashion.  He continued this until he made a left-hand turn and left my life forever.  But seriously, man, you definitely shouldn’t be a poster child for your people.  Your stupidity and ignorance probably does not serve to exemplify your community, and just might set you and your brothers back a few steps in the minds of some people (not me, though, never).


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