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My finals are finally finalized.


Sorry I have not posted in a while, but I’ve been quite busy.  Er’body’s been gripin’ at me, asking me when I’m gonna post again, but FRICK this is not a requirement, it’s a luxury, alright?  I gots shiz I needs to git done, and for you to be so selfish as to ask more of me than I can provide, is just…just…flattering.  I’m simply flattered people would be waiting for my next post.

So i’m out of school, and into summer, as well as out of shape.  Egads.  As if I wasn’t uncomfortable before, for being skinny (and feeling emasculated), now I’m skinny AND fat.  “HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!” you ask.  A valid inquisition.  Well, see I’m skinny, at a whopping 150 lbs (on a good day), yet I’ve lost a lot of the form and muscle (of what I had), and am left with…well…some flab.  I’d show you a picture, but I’m too self-conscious  And I googled for one, but they were all too flabby.  btw, shut up and stop laughing at my body, i hate you.  So for all of you people who are just naturally bigger, you guys SUCK.  I’d much rather be you.  Sure, you can’t eat whatever you want like me, and when you want to lose weight it’s an actual challenge, but it’s waaaay easier for you to get a good bod.  For me, I drank whey protein shakes everyday, and drank muscle milk, for TWO MONTHS and gained ten lbs!!  WTF.  I was literally stuffed all day, every day, and I barely got bigger.  Whereas you big ‘uns can just stop gorging your fat faces for a little while, work out, and have a slimmer (yet still large enough) figure from which you can attract the attention of a female mate.  Not so much for us skinnies.  For starters, the percentage of women we can date is severely reduced, because they can’t be too big, and then we have to get the ones that are skinnier than us (or at least a lot shorter, if she’s chubs), and THEN we have to develop “personalities,” and make sure we spend enough time for them, so that they maybe develop feelings.  Unless you’re really good looking, and can sweep a girl off of her feet when you walk-in (but let’s face it, that’s a small percentage of guys).

basically what I’m trying to say is that girls are lame, and Lord knows I’m gonna have to depend on him to find me a wife

BUT now it’s summer, so I’m going to dedicate my next 3 weeks in America (cuz then it’s off to Europe), to getting in shape


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