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Ahh…the great outdoors.  Such a peaceful, serene, and DANGEROUS FRICKIN’ PLACE.  No, for realsies, cuz I almost died.

Me and my totally hetero buddy decided to head out to Mt. Baldy, by our lonesome, and hike to Cucamonga Peak (and of COURSE we brought our brand new, never-to-be-used fishing gear).  What kind of camping doesnt involve fishing grear, nawmsayin?!  But just like I learned from Survival Quest, the 1989 wilderness classic, THE WILD doesn’t always exactly fit into your plans.

Oh yes.  THE WILD is aptly named, my friends.  So just when you think you got everything covered, BAM a para-military unit in training goes crazy, shoots your leader, and hunts you down in the Colorado Rockies.  ….ok, that’s not what always happens, just to the cast of Survival Quest (on a daily basis).  What DOES happen though, is that you try to hike to the top of Cucamonga Peak without checking the weather conditions, and you realize that you can’t make it past about 8400 elevation because the snow has blocked your pass.  and NO, I didn’t just see snow, and call it quits.  I’m a MAN.  Not a very large, or muscularly defined one, but a MAN.   So yeah, we crossed a few snow paths, no big deal.  But when it came to crossing a certain particular patch, with the summit in sight, THE WILD comes a-crashin’ down on Man-topher, and nearly kills him, making him slide off the path, down the steep mountain face for about 8-10 ft before he stopped.

THE WILD was like B****, you shall not pass!

HOLY MOLY SWEET CANNOLI, I swear my life flashed before my eyes (did I really think that hair looked good back then?!), but I made it back.  I persevered.  I knew in my heart that I had to post…at least one more blog…for my readers.  I swear, if it wasn’t for you guys, idk where I’d be right now.  thank you so muchall of you.


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