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I love grammar.  It’s so cool.

But only when you know how to use it.

Sometimes people don’t.  We are a highly textual society.  People don’t knock on doors, they just send a text, and wait outside for five minutes before the person even realizes they have a message (because that’s efficient…).  So grammar is very important.   Really slight changes can affect the entire outcome or meaning of a sentence without a person realizing it;  for example- “Darn tootin’ ”  can easily be changed to “darn, tootin.’ “

Bad outcome.

Or what if it’s something serious!  You’re trying to warn your friend, “Don’t go through that door!” but instead you put, “Dont, go through that door!”

Bad outcome.

I know what you’re saying though.  “But Christopher, I never use commas anyways.  I just send a massive block of words without any grammatical use of commas, semi-colons, colons, or periods.”

Oh, silly me.  I forgot what violence texting and myspace/facebook has done to the written aspect of the English language (the equivalent of Rap to the oratory aspect of English).  But don’t you see, Reader, what the lack of grammar produces?  It forces people to insert their OWN commas, etc. into the text.   Ever wonder why your gf ,or just that girl you were talking to, got so mad at what you said via text?  WELL…now you know.  It’s hard enough to induce sarcasm or something like that in writing, but come on, people…it’s even harder when you refuse to use anything you’ve learned in school since 2nd grade.

PS i tried the whole rolling up pants thing that i see all these hipsters in cardigans doing, but i’m not sure how i did.  what, do you think?


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