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Ok ok, calm down, stop screaming at your computer screen like you’re an MIT student who just met Stephen Hawking.

…on second thought, stephen hawking jokes are kinda mean.
Either way, YES; I’m back.  I promise to never leave you again (said my ex-gf…).

Speaking of ex-gf’s, I haven’t really dated anyone noteworthy since…my ex gf.  soo WHAT THE FRICK is goin on?  It’s comin’ up on two years here. I mean I’ve dated a few girls, don’t get me wrong, it’s ME we’re talkin’ about (jk, im not pretentious), but  just no one I’ve really had feelings for, and could ever see myself with anything other than short term.  It seems every cute, cool girl I know has a boyfriend already.  So if you’re single and reading this…sorry?   But of course, that’s how it goes.  When YOU’RE the lonely one, everyone else seems to have that special someone, who they love to ignore you for, and leave you at home so that you’re so bored you decide to start blogging about how lonely you are, and how everyone else has a girlfriend except you…

But that’s you, not me.  psh.

Oh, and I’m sure whenever (IF ever…) I get another girlfriend, I’m just gonna meet a ton of cute, single girls, that are devilishly flirtatious, like some siren out at sea.  Cuz that’s how girls work, they love attempting to lure unavailable men  away, not because they like them, but because they want the men to like them, probably due to some Freudian penis envy thing that stems back to their father not loving them enough.

For those of you who are too lazy to read all of this, you can just read this Abstract like in a science journal that sums up everything in the whole article:

ItsChristopher feels lonely, and wants a gf, and lashes out in sarcasm to hide his feelings of insecurity.


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