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If you’ve ever talked to a working woman (oh the thought!)  you’ve probably heard about such a thing as the “glass ceiling (or if you had read my previous posts…jerk).”  But I think we’ve forgotten to mention the glass floor underneath these women.  YES, I’m talking about looking up their skirts, for those of you who don’t get it yet.  We keep them right where we want them, reaching up for that glass ceiling (which they see right through, not even knowing its there), but keep them just high enough so we can “peep they goodies,” as they say on the street.  It’s important though, to remember that these girls are kept reaching, because that means they’re going to look all the better as we watch from our voyeuristic perch below.

I recently attended a concert by a DJ of the name Benny Benassi (maybe you’ve heard of him).

It was my best friend’s girlfriend’s (see what I mean by all these people with gfs?!) birthday.  House concerts aren’t really my thing, but whatevs, he’s my best friend, she’s his gf, so of course I was happy to accompany them.  But the thing about House concerts, raves, and all that…is that these things are like the epitome of the subverted patriarchal ideology that tells girls being sexy is liberating, as the men gather around and box them in to this glass box of sex and promiscuity.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Holy frick…Christopher is TOTALLY gay. Well, if you’re a feminist you might be thinking, “Holy frick…Christopher is TOTALLY right! …and gay.”  WELL jokes on you, cuz I’m straight.

…idk how that’s a joke, either…


SO anyways, the concert had these girls dancing off to the sides and on the stage, they’re called “go-go dancers,” if I’m not mistaken (WHICH is rare.  jk).  And no, I don’t have a funny joke as to why they’re called that.  If you think of one let me know, I sat here thinking for like 5 minutes.    OH, and the go go dancer would be this:

Except at the concert, these girls only had on pasties and a TEEENY bottom piece.  this is the censored version (I keep it PG-13).    What I kept thinking the whole night though, was that these girls are someone’s daughter, someone’s baby  Which means they’re more like this:

If the thought of YOUR daughter growing up to be this horrifies you, why doesn’t it horrify you that it’s already happened to someone else’s daughter?

Let that sink in for a second.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think every girl should be covered up like Queen Victoria, but I do believe the cleavage: should probably go, the skirts that you can’t bend down in without your cooch showin’ like Brittney Spears: should probably go.  Girls don’t do this for “empowerment,” that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard (besides there being a woman president), girls do it for ATTENTION.  They do it so that they feel they have value in the eyes of men.  It’s simple Pavlovian Dog Theory (not that women are dogs, but it is ironic that this theory fits the example).  Sexy women get more attention from guys than other girls.  Girls with high self-esteem don’t usually do it as much, because they don’t need to.

And us men are the ones who FEED this ideological BULL CRAP into their hungry mouths.  Nobody wants to be rejected, ignored, or left out.  For women, dressin’ down when they dress up is the easiest way to draw in  eyes, to feel GOOD about themselves.  Not realizing that they are worth so much in and of themselves, separate from whatever they wear/do/say.


…Wait, what am SAYING?!

I just wanna get tha business!  






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