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Yeah that’s right.  I just used the syntactical structure of a famous American historical saying, but substituted the initial direct object with another noun so as to alter the meaning to fit my own purpose.


I’m a comedy gold mine, baby.

Aaaaaanyways, onto my main point.  What the FRICK is up with people and their fallacious ideological beliefs?  I mean seriously, think about it.  You most likely have some very illogical, irrational beliefs about the way the world works, what’s right, what’s wrong, the nature of truth, or why you’re still reading my meaningless(ful?) rants.  Have you ever stopped to think about why you think the way that you do think?

Did I just do this to your mind?

People go along in life believing in certain ethical appeals, gods, or any other metaphysical construct you can think of, without any logical basis or rational grounding.  Why is killing babies bad?  Why are drugs bad?  Why does it even FREAKING MATTER if I make people call me Christopher instead of Chris (*ahem* mom)?  Cultural anthropologists, as well as most philosophers will tell you that truth is subjective, that it is dynamic and not static, changing, fleeting, and relative.  Truth is in the eye of the beholder.  YOU only believe what YOU believe because YOU were raised in YOUR environment, which means that YOU can’t tell ME what I believe isn’t right, because YOU don’t know what it means to be ME.  Who are you to say?  Who are you to even BE?

See, if there is not universal truth, no over-arching grand morality, then this is all true.  Outside of the realm of an omniscient, all-righteous creator, there is no reason for you to hold onto your socio-cultural beliefs about anything of the metaphysical, because there is no metaphysical (which is anything outside of the physical realm, i.e. morality, spirituality, truth, etc).   So Richard Dawkins, all up on his Evolutionary High-Horse, has no right to argue from an ethical perspective against religion.  Nietzsche realized this.  Nietzsche understood that if there is no God, the only thing that matters is the self, MY self.  You’re a fool if you think otherwise.  You may feel like there are certain rights and wrongs in this world.  “How could you say killing babies is bad?!?! It’s terrible!!!!”  Well, I agree.  But not if you don’t agree that there is all-righteous, omniscient creator.  In fact, if you just can’t shake the feeling that I’m completely wrong, that there HAS to be right and wrong, good and evil, then that’s a good thing.  It means you know God exists.  You might not admit it, but you do.  Because if morality is REAL, then it’s an all-or-nothing world.  You can be all FOR morality, and find out which religion has got it goin’ on (in a righteous way), or you can be all AGAINST it.  There is no in-between. It is, as Mr. Spock would say, “entirely illogical.”  And if you’re illogical, you’ve lost your ability to rationalize, and rationalization is the key feature of humanity.  So where’s your humanity?


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