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If Christmas is good for one thing these days, it’s all of us coming together, and as if by magic…being able to piss each other off and annoy the heck out of each other.

AH…the Holidays.

What I really want to know is, WHY ON EARTH DO THESE PEOPLE CARE?  Seriously.  Let’s assume, just for funsies, that religion is wrong.  God doesn’t exist, we all came from LUCA (not Lucy- google it.  and if you’re an atheist and don’t know about LUCA shame on you for knowing less than a silly creationist like me).  Ok, so God doesn’t exist.  Life is meaningless (in a universal sense; you can still find “meaning” in your own life, if that makes you feel comfortable).  What reason do you have to worry about what other people think?  If someone wants to pray 5 times  a day on their knees to the East, does it affect you?  Does it bother you in any way that people freely give up 10% of their own money every Sunday?  Does it somehow irk you knowing that people dip their babies in water after they’re born?


What is your problem? Seriously.  What sort of deep-seated neurosis afflicts you that you causes you to become so irritable and critical of others believing in something that you do not?  Don’t worry, I know the number of a really good shrink, and look, the whole thing about neurosis is that its not obvious to the untrained eye, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, ok?

~ Andrew, if you’re reading this…yes, I feel that you’re silly and disagree with you, and no I don’t dislike you.  I’m writing a blog, I gotta entertain, thanks for the pics~

Stop worrying and enjoy YOUR OWN life.

You’re wasting time and money on something that in your own opinion, should be ultimately superfluous.  The only reason  most religious people care about this stuff, is because they are genuinely concerned for your eternal well-being.  Both atheists and religious people both want the other one to live the “right” way. The only thing is…religious people have a REASON to.

If atheism is right, no one wins anyways.  If religion is right…tough luck for the atheists


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