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I know.  It’s a double-negative.  But as much as it kills me to use it, I use it for a reason.

See there’s this other blog I found called The Atheism Blog, and the author seems to think he’s dropped quite the intellectual bomb on Christianity.  He made a post called 100 Reasons Why God Does Not Exist.  What he has done there is quite a feat; he wrote 100 reasons why he thinks God doesn’t exist.  The blogger is Matt McCormick, a professor at CSUS.  I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too, “There’s no way it could be wrong then, because a Cal-State professor authored these posts.”  Well before you start tearing your Bible at the seams, let’s remember that everyone has biases, and just because someone is a professor does not mean they are going to approach a hot-topic issue like religion with the purest of academic scrutiny and critical evaluation.  Now that goes for me too, so read everything I post with a grain of salt and really think about it.  Evaluate it for its merits and pitfalls, and tell me what you think.  It’s a shame that people can’t usually discuss religion, or worldviews, I should say (that’s inclusive language, so we can talk about people who aren’t religious), without getting a bit too heated.

What I’m going to do is go through these posts, one at a time, and rebut them.  It’s going to take a while I’m sure, and some might be longer than others, but it’s important stuff, and you should know the material whether you’re Christian or not.  I mean think about it: if God really does exist, isn’t He worth considering the notion?  If it turns out He’s not real, no biggie.  But if it turns out He IS real, then He’s the biggest biggie of all.


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