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100 Reasons Why God Doesn’t Not Exist #3
Here’s the link to the article I’m responding to, Adding Epicycles to God, which is #3 in a series of posts that all disprove the existence of God by Professor McCormick of the illustrious CSUS, pioneer of science, philosophy, and logic*
a title I assume he uses*
This post is basically about how demons, God, spirits, etc, are just archaic imaginings that we invented in order to understand our world.  These imaginings, however, are no longer necessary because we have science.
“Demon-possessed man?  Bah.  He has a mental illness, and we know what the real reason is.  Oh, the creation of the universe?  Easy.  Big Bang.  Sickness?  That’s not God’s wrath or demons- that’s bacteria and viruses, you recalcitrant, religious fool.”
Ooooh, someone knows a big word!
-Don’t respond like that.  1) That’s not loving or intelligent (even though it may be deserved), and 2) you would probably have to look that up, in all honesty (I did)
The better response is this: “Okay…and?”  See, even though for a long time most people had this magical imagining of how God worked because of their lack of scientific understanding (and many still do), that does not mean that they were right.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t exclude the miraculous from God’s actions; if you have God, then you have to allow it.  BUT…I think the miraculous is miraculous because it’s not normal.  It’s not everyday.  It’s uncommon.  So the majority of God’s actions are going to seem to us to be very mundane and common, working in and through our know world.  So the fact that you didn’t die, against all odds, in that car crash doesn’t mean God used His invisible hand to keep you safe, it could be that he made sure that the highly improbable would occur and that you’d be saved by “natural” means.  Just because we can see what goes on at a genetic, molecular, or cellular level does not mean, in any way, shape, or form, that God was not behind it.  It just shows us on how much of a smaller level God was involved.  Here’s the thing about science: it tells us what IS.  I hope we all realize this.  Science does not do “new” things, it really is just our understanding of what already takes place!  It tells us the “what” or the “how” but never the “why.”   Why does the universe exist?  Don’t know.  I can sure tell you HOW it came to be, and WHAT it is, but not much else.
“OH ok.  Sure.  Well fine, you can have your God, but I’m going to believe in the flying spaghetti monster (McCormick uses pink unicorn).  He’s invisible, and I can’t prove he exists, but you can’t prove he doesn’t.”  
I’ve heard this one before.  It’s pretty popular with the kids these days.  The first thing I’d like to say about the FSM is that it’s insulting.  Are you really going to be so patronizing and belittling of my faith as to equate it to that?  I thought we were going to have a conversation.  One would think an intellectual would not stoop to using such primitive or derogatory dribble that not only is fallacious and hollow in it’s equation, but otiose and banal as well.  Alas, one can always be wrong, especially about bloggers.
At this point McCormick would respond with, “Whatever.  Somehow all you religious people co-opt everything that science discovers and try to put God behind it.”
 …Excuse me?  You’re assuming God is something that I invented.  IF God actually exists, then everything you “discover” and take God out of, is really you co-opting his pre-existing creation.   Yes, Christians have had some wrong ideas about God, but scientists have also had some very wrong ideas about science.  The universe was supposed to be infinite, remember?  But then we realized it had a beginning.  Funny thing is that the Bible talks about the Earth beginning (some argue it talks about the Big Bang), and atheists thought a finite universe was so religious that it HAD to be infinite.  But if our understanding of the world keeps increasing, and we learn more and more about it as more gets revealed, then WHY THE HECK wouldn’t we learn more and more about God and how He works?  It’s obvious all humans get stuff wrong, but we have the book of Nature to keep going back to to correct our interpretation of it.  Similarly, we Christians have our own book to keep our interpretations in check.  You look at science and you see no God, while I look at science and God cries out to me.  The wonder, the marvel, and the awe that I feel at the magnificence of the universe and the complexities of the smallest particles that make up everything in it gives me nothing but a greater appreciation for an awesome and mighty God.

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