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Itschristopher's Blog

Just another site

I’m Christopher.

This is my blog.

For about two years now, everything I write I write as a Christian. A lot of times I write on apologetic material (aka defense of the Bible). Some people like to think they’ve proven Christianity wrong or that at least it’s bad. I like to challenge those ideas in the pursuit of truth. Sometimes I like to challenge other Christians in the pursuit of righteousness, and sometimes I like to challenge non-Christians to pursue something more. All the time I make little jokes. If you don’t think I’m funny, that’s okay. I can’t hear you not laughing anyway.

Remember: I’m no scholar or expert on anything I write. The only qualification I have is a BA in Speech Communication from CSUF (but mostly that just proves I’m not totally stupid). So please, do your own homework on any and all subject matter. What I want to inspire is critical thinking and self-education.


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