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This actually happened.

     Reading this post on Believing in God is Immoral may or may not literally have the same result with you.  The post is #4 of 100 on why God doesn’t exist.  My post you have now embarked upon is a counter-series to this silliness.

     Until now, I have not held the author, McCormick, in the highest regard scholastically, but still have recognized the fact that he’s a professor and is misguided, yes, but not completely without merit in his argumentation; this post changed that.  It naively masquerades as a legitimate argument, but in reality is the emperor without his clothes.  It is nothing but a scalding, emotionally fraught, straw-man argument.  If you don’t know what a straw man is, Google it; I don’t have time to hyperlink the whole internet (SHEESH).
His argument is this: A ton of religious people say that you can only be moral and good if you believe in God, and that without the fear of divine punishment, all of us would rape, pillage, and plunder all that is good in the world.  With reckless abandon we’d dive into all licentiousness!  (Google that one too)  If we were just evolved monkeys, we’d have no sense of law or morality.  BUT, this fails to acknowledge how immoral it is to believe in God in the first place, so his argument goes.  Why?  I’ll tell you why!  I mean, isn’t it wrong to believe in a claim that:

 1) you know is false?  -Well, if people believed it to be false, we wouldn’t have martyrs.  Bad, naughty, atheistic presumption.
2) contributes to the confusion or false beliefs of others? -If God exists, and the Bible is true, then this doesn’t lead people astray.  Again, bad presumption.  This ASSUMES from the get-go that God does not exist.
3) encourages supernatural, spooky, non-critical, fuzzy-headed thinking?  -Not sure what that last one was, but I don’t think it’s immoral…?  As for the rest, you assume that “supernatural” is false, when it potentially could be true; it hasn’t been ruled out yet.  As far as non-critical, I’d say all of my posts have been fairly critical, and the only instance in which these atheistic posts have been critical is in a pedantic, demeaning sense.  Plenty of critical thinking here.
4) fosters fear and anxiety? -The Gospel is actually supposed to be used for love and peace.  The amount of those two in my life has increased 100 fold, and just because there are people who have misused the message, does not mean it’s inherently bad.  Even secular philosophers have agreed that the Bible has a great message.  Ghandi, for Pete’s sake, who no one can say fostered fear and anxiety, loved what the Bible taught.
5) creates complacency about social problems, social policy, and the future of humanity on this planet? -Legitimate claim here, except that’s only characteristic of mainstream, ultra-conservative, American evangelism (due to their own ego-centric eschatological views), which is rather a minority compared to the amount of other Christians.  Let’s not forget MLK Jr., Bishop Carlos Belo, Archibishop Desmond Tutu, or Nelson Mandela, who have championed social justice at high costs and by no means created complacency.
6) undermines the advancement of science? -Funny how a lot of the leading scientists have been Christian, including Sir Isaac Newton, Copernicus, Galileo, Gregor Mendel,  and in the modern era Francis Collins, who headed the Human Genome Project, or Hugh Ross and his team at RTB.  Undermines science, you say?  I say “nay.”
7) contributes to the stagnation of human progress? -Not sure what you mean, but I can tell you that you find Christians in every social justice issue and on the frontiers of science.  I guess you define “progress” differently?
8) encourages a historically outdated, over-simplified worldview? -And by this you mean what?  That humans have inherent worth, are unique, ought to love one another, and live in peace?  Yeah…that does sound outdated.
9) stalls our progress in dealing with new, complicated and important moral issues? -Oh, you mean like how we should deal with apartheid, genocide, human rights, abortion, and sexual relations?  Unfortunately (and by unfortunately, I mean fortunately), there are lots of reasonable, loving, and caring academics who approach those issues like Jennell Williams Paris (sexuality), Dietrich Bonhoeffer (human rights, genocide), Nelson Mandela (apartheid), and Tim Keller (abortion, human rights).
10) has no good evidence in its favor? -I’m…not even going to get into this one.  Just read the rest of my blog.
11) encourages cultural and ethnic strife? -Oh you mean like evolution did as Darwin wrote about the evolution of races?  Because you can’t be talking about how in the Book of Revelation there were people of every nation and tribe standing together before the Lord.
12) gives people false hopes? -Presumptuous, again.
13) is self-deluding? -I’ll take this as a light-hearted joke, and not an actual point.
14) fosters fear, confusion, and fuzzy, magical thinking in children? -The latter part I still fear is not a bad thing anyways…?  But fear and confusion is a part of childhood, buddy.  The only thing that I knew I could count on as a kid was God’s goodness, and it was clear and comforting.
15) fosters false beliefs in children? -I don’t see people coming under fire for Santa Claus at Christmas, but again, false assumption.
16) impede’s children’s acquisition of our most important, modern advancements in knowledge? -I was raised Christian, and that never stopped me from questioning flaws in Newtonian physics in relation to Quantum physics, dilemmas with the space-time continuum and time travel, human genome intricacies, or the air-speed velocity of a swallow (European or African).
17) is a case of akrasia (acting against one’s better judgment)? -Man, you really need to read my blog, because I act in my best judgment for some good reasons.

     The rest of the post beautifully persuades, with many o’ literary device, the reader to accept the “truth” that a belief in God is a weakness or an inability of a person to cope with life and its difficulties, a result of someone’s personal and communal reiteration that God is real.  We’re all Dorothy’s who want there to be “no place like home” so badly that we actually convince ourselves, despite the staggering facts that say otherwise, that there is a home, a paradise, where we’re meant to be.  It all started as something “we knew wasn’t true but we hoped was,” and need a 12-Step to get off the God drug.

     It was at this point that my head exploded.

     I really am trying my best to not blame the author right now, because it is very likely that he just knows some really bad Christians, or better yet just sees Christians post dumb things on the internet (obviously didn’t see this blog, though).  The fact is, however, is that Christianity is tough.  There’s a reason we use discourse like “dying to ourselves,” because we forsake that which our bodies often tell us are good.  We re-think the world as we see it from a self-centered view and replace it with an other-centered view in which we no longer are the main character, but God, where we come to point at which we can no longer deny God’s presence in our lives and decide to leap over our chasm of doubt and embrace the reality of something greater than ourselves which is just as real as the very computer on which I type.  The fact is that nothing in our lives are 100% verifiable.  Nothing about anything is certain, so we have to put our faith in SOMETHING, and if we’re going to live our life as if it is true, then we had better be sure that we have good reasons to do so.  After a lot of critical thinking and reading, I came to the conclusion that God must exist.  I fought the idea philosophically, and I wanted God to not be real–that meant I could live as I wanted to live–but when I was honest with myself, I knew it was not true, and I had to face the shame and guilt of my sinful past, in which I had done good, yes, and was able to do moral things, but the amount of sin I had accumulated alongside those good deeds was like a planet among the stars.

“Hi, I’m Christopher and I’ve truly believed since 2008.”

P.S. Shout-out to Danielle for reading my posts and reminding me to write another one.



If you’ve ever talked to a working woman (oh the thought!)  you’ve probably heard about such a thing as the “glass ceiling (or if you had read my previous posts…jerk).”  But I think we’ve forgotten to mention the glass floor underneath these women.  YES, I’m talking about looking up their skirts, for those of you who don’t get it yet.  We keep them right where we want them, reaching up for that glass ceiling (which they see right through, not even knowing its there), but keep them just high enough so we can “peep they goodies,” as they say on the street.  It’s important though, to remember that these girls are kept reaching, because that means they’re going to look all the better as we watch from our voyeuristic perch below.

I recently attended a concert by a DJ of the name Benny Benassi (maybe you’ve heard of him).

It was my best friend’s girlfriend’s (see what I mean by all these people with gfs?!) birthday.  House concerts aren’t really my thing, but whatevs, he’s my best friend, she’s his gf, so of course I was happy to accompany them.  But the thing about House concerts, raves, and all that…is that these things are like the epitome of the subverted patriarchal ideology that tells girls being sexy is liberating, as the men gather around and box them in to this glass box of sex and promiscuity.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Holy frick…Christopher is TOTALLY gay. Well, if you’re a feminist you might be thinking, “Holy frick…Christopher is TOTALLY right! …and gay.”  WELL jokes on you, cuz I’m straight.

…idk how that’s a joke, either…


SO anyways, the concert had these girls dancing off to the sides and on the stage, they’re called “go-go dancers,” if I’m not mistaken (WHICH is rare.  jk).  And no, I don’t have a funny joke as to why they’re called that.  If you think of one let me know, I sat here thinking for like 5 minutes.    OH, and the go go dancer would be this:

Except at the concert, these girls only had on pasties and a TEEENY bottom piece.  this is the censored version (I keep it PG-13).    What I kept thinking the whole night though, was that these girls are someone’s daughter, someone’s baby  Which means they’re more like this:

If the thought of YOUR daughter growing up to be this horrifies you, why doesn’t it horrify you that it’s already happened to someone else’s daughter?

Let that sink in for a second.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think every girl should be covered up like Queen Victoria, but I do believe the cleavage: should probably go, the skirts that you can’t bend down in without your cooch showin’ like Brittney Spears: should probably go.  Girls don’t do this for “empowerment,” that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard (besides there being a woman president), girls do it for ATTENTION.  They do it so that they feel they have value in the eyes of men.  It’s simple Pavlovian Dog Theory (not that women are dogs, but it is ironic that this theory fits the example).  Sexy women get more attention from guys than other girls.  Girls with high self-esteem don’t usually do it as much, because they don’t need to.

And us men are the ones who FEED this ideological BULL CRAP into their hungry mouths.  Nobody wants to be rejected, ignored, or left out.  For women, dressin’ down when they dress up is the easiest way to draw in  eyes, to feel GOOD about themselves.  Not realizing that they are worth so much in and of themselves, separate from whatever they wear/do/say.


…Wait, what am SAYING?!

I just wanna get tha business!  





Ok ok, calm down, stop screaming at your computer screen like you’re an MIT student who just met Stephen Hawking.

…on second thought, stephen hawking jokes are kinda mean.
Either way, YES; I’m back.  I promise to never leave you again (said my ex-gf…).

Speaking of ex-gf’s, I haven’t really dated anyone noteworthy since…my ex gf.  soo WHAT THE FRICK is goin on?  It’s comin’ up on two years here. I mean I’ve dated a few girls, don’t get me wrong, it’s ME we’re talkin’ about (jk, im not pretentious), but  just no one I’ve really had feelings for, and could ever see myself with anything other than short term.  It seems every cute, cool girl I know has a boyfriend already.  So if you’re single and reading this…sorry?   But of course, that’s how it goes.  When YOU’RE the lonely one, everyone else seems to have that special someone, who they love to ignore you for, and leave you at home so that you’re so bored you decide to start blogging about how lonely you are, and how everyone else has a girlfriend except you…

But that’s you, not me.  psh.

Oh, and I’m sure whenever (IF ever…) I get another girlfriend, I’m just gonna meet a ton of cute, single girls, that are devilishly flirtatious, like some siren out at sea.  Cuz that’s how girls work, they love attempting to lure unavailable men  away, not because they like them, but because they want the men to like them, probably due to some Freudian penis envy thing that stems back to their father not loving them enough.

For those of you who are too lazy to read all of this, you can just read this Abstract like in a science journal that sums up everything in the whole article:

ItsChristopher feels lonely, and wants a gf, and lashes out in sarcasm to hide his feelings of insecurity.

Hey ya’ll.  Been a while.

I hope this isn’t awkward though, like when you see someone you used to know, but weren’t great friends with, and you’re not sure if you’re should say “hi” or not, so you pretend not to see them, but then you can’t help but eventually look at them, and then you make eye contact, so you have to say “hi,” and then you don’t really know what to do after “-yeah I’m good, and you?” even though they already said they were good, so you both kind of chuckle,  and there’s that awkward pause where no one knows what to say and then one of you remembers you have that thing to get to, but it was nice seeing the other person.

But nahhhh, this isn’t like that.  We’re great friends.

The kind of friends where you don’t get to see them as much anymore, but as soon as you hang out, it’s like you never were apart, and after a while you just both laugh at how weird it is that you don’t see each other anymore, but you’re still such good friends, as if you’d never been apart.

Anyways, so I’m in Europe.  I did London ‘n’ all that, as well as Paris, and now I’m sitting in my hostel waiting to leave for Barcelona.  It’s day 11 today, and man, it feels like a lot longer.  Hence the title, bitter-sweet.  It’s sweet because I’m in freakin EUROPE, you know? Nawmean?!  But then it’s bitter, because I’m starting to get pretty homesick, but I’m praying and trying not to think about it.  I’m not exactly sure why I’m so homesick, because I went to Asia/Australia in 2008, and I didn’t really start to get any homesick till like week 4 or 5, but I’m barely on DAY 11!!  It’s been a week and a half!!!  We still have 31 more days left.  Maybe it’s because I’m not with family this time (last time it was with my 3 cousins, my older brother, and some red-headed girl that enjoys my Borat impressions).   This time it’s with my two buddies Larry Wong and Jason Trac, and it’s way different.  In the mornings, when there’s not as much to do, and we’re just waking up and waiting for the day to begin, is the time when it hits (and at night time too, when I lay my little head to sleep).  So we’ll see how the rest of the trip goes, we’ve got to see some really cool stuff, and met some cool people.

Next stop is Barcelona!

All my bags are packed I’m ready to go…

I have 3 days left.  And I feel like these are going to be either the 3 fastest or the slowest days of my life.  It might go quick, because I’ll be hanging out with all my friends, OR it’ll be super slow because I’m too excited about leaving.  Time can only tell.  PS, sorry I have not posted in a while, I’ve been neglecting my duties as a civil servant (serving you, the citizens, mildly entertaining blogs that don’t make you LOL, but just LQTM- laugh quietly to myself).  This last week has been pretty crazy/fun.  I even went hiking again (although there was no peril this time around), this time to Ontario Peak.  The 3 buddies I went with, though, had never been backpacking before, and I FREAKING swear, these guys should go to AA for being such w(h)ine-o’s.  And they were too prissy to eat chef boyardee ravioli.  THIS IS FREAKIN CAMPING FOOD.

wtf do you want?  friggin roast beef sandwich? Grow a pair, boys.

Not that I’m in any way the man-of-all-men (I have the body of a 16 yr old boy), I’m just saying suck it up and EAT.

In other news, here’s my itinerary for my trip:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Rome
  • Venice
  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • Amsterdam
  • Brussels
  • France again
  • London again
  • Ireland, if we feel like it

(for those of you envying me, read Job 5:2, you sinner)

I love grammar.  It’s so cool.

But only when you know how to use it.

Sometimes people don’t.  We are a highly textual society.  People don’t knock on doors, they just send a text, and wait outside for five minutes before the person even realizes they have a message (because that’s efficient…).  So grammar is very important.   Really slight changes can affect the entire outcome or meaning of a sentence without a person realizing it;  for example- “Darn tootin’ ”  can easily be changed to “darn, tootin.’ “

Bad outcome.

Or what if it’s something serious!  You’re trying to warn your friend, “Don’t go through that door!” but instead you put, “Dont, go through that door!”

Bad outcome.

I know what you’re saying though.  “But Christopher, I never use commas anyways.  I just send a massive block of words without any grammatical use of commas, semi-colons, colons, or periods.”

Oh, silly me.  I forgot what violence texting and myspace/facebook has done to the written aspect of the English language (the equivalent of Rap to the oratory aspect of English).  But don’t you see, Reader, what the lack of grammar produces?  It forces people to insert their OWN commas, etc. into the text.   Ever wonder why your gf ,or just that girl you were talking to, got so mad at what you said via text?  WELL…now you know.  It’s hard enough to induce sarcasm or something like that in writing, but come on, people…it’s even harder when you refuse to use anything you’ve learned in school since 2nd grade.

PS i tried the whole rolling up pants thing that i see all these hipsters in cardigans doing, but i’m not sure how i did.  what, do you think?

That which is unexplainable-

That which exists within you that you do not know how to articulate; that which poets, artists, and composers pull at the strings of, and gently dance upon, but still never quite get at.  I have this feeling inside of me.  I do not know how to explain it, and every time I do, the words I use are significantly inadequate.  Nostalgic, no; happy, no; hopeful, no; sad, no; reminiscent, no.  It seems as if there is just this raw mixture of emotions, emotions in their purest form, so pure that I do not have the instruments or utilities to even evaluate it.  I don’t know why I feel like this.

Maybe it’s because I’m at a point in my life where I thought I wanted one thing so badly, and realized that I might not even want it anymore, maybe it’s because I’ve realized that I truly am alone in this world, minus my Lord and Savior, who is the only one that I can always count on, or maybe it’s because I just watched a flashback episode of Scrubs and they had acoustic, sentimental music, like the Fray, playing throughout the episode, idk.

All I know is that right now, in this moment, I am completely aware of what separates man from beast, what gives humans their humanity, and what God has given us to know that the ethereal and immaterial exists.